**if youre reading this and you have a 15" PB, 15" MBP or MB, please give me approximate keyboard measurements so i can get an idea...**

im looking to get that microfiber keyboard cloth by marware for my 15" MBP which protects the screen and can be used to clean it as well. unfortunately, it can only be purchased as part of the protection package. the MBP protection pack is 20 bucks but the PB protection pack is only 10.

are the keyboards of the MPB and the PB the same size? how do they compare to the MB?

just for the record, i do not plan on using the 'hand rest' since ive heard its difficult to apply, and contrary to the manufacturer's claims, leaves a sticky residue.

in case anyone is going to tell me they sell the keyboard cover separately, well thats what i thought but that one is actually neoprene, very low quality and cannot be used to clean your screen....

heres a link to the item page

thanks in advance! Peace