I have a 1G Refurb order entered and awaiting shipping. After reading the posts on the Apple Support eMac Discussion boards about how susceptable the Power Supply is to failure, I'm thinking about cancelling the order. Do power supply problems equally plague the new 1.25 models? Is the power supply problem unique to eMacs vs. other newer model Apple computers?

I'm concerned that there appears to be somewhat of a consensus on this board that a UPS or extra-premium Surge Protector is necessary for an eMac, but not for other Apple or non-Apple computers.

Note that I have used Macs since the Lisa and have had Macs constantly plugged in at my home via basic surge protectors for past 20 years w/o problem and we get many brown outs/black outs in my area. In fact, lightning hit a tree across the street causing a ringing in my ears and fried my dehumidifier, but didn't have any affect on the 6 macs in my house (I don't believe any of them was powered up at the time of the strike, but certainly plugged in).