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    HD help
    hello and thank you to who ever can help me!!!

    I'm a new mac user and i have a external hd that i once used with windows. i can pull things out of it and save it onto my mac, but can not save things back onto it. I'm thinkin i have to reformat it,the thing is that the hd is in a case that you can make like a kit. Inside is a internal windows hd can this be changed to be used with ox 10 ???

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    Have you tried using disk utility to format the drive to ms-dos? I would do that if you haven't, the ms-dos format can be read and written on by both mac and windows.

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    Yes, you will have to reformat the drive to the MS-DOS (FAT32) system.
    It sounds like you have it at NTFS now, which OS X can only read from not write to.
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    yea the hd is a NTFS, my ? is that if the hd was once a internal does that make it into a ms dos can i do that on my mac or do i need a pc ?


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