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    Hi all

    I'm new to the forum having just purchased an iMac with a 20" screen with a view to getting rid of my PC.

    My problem is this. I am at present staying in my holiday home on a site that provides a wireless link to the internet. They have a large central antenna which in my case required a 4 foot antenna connected to my computer to get the signal. With my PC, running XP I use a USB wireless device with the external antenna connection. This works fine with my PC. The device is made by a company called Edimax, their device number is EW-7318usg. On the drivers disk that came with it there is a driver for Mac. It's called mac_10.3.X_4.X...etc...dmg. I installed this driver on the iMac, there was an install bit for the Tiger OS.

    The device shows up in the list on the 'About this Mac' when inserted. However, the device does not seem to work. A program was installed along with the driver that is supposed to allow config of the device. The message I get is Device not connected, insert and then continue. I've tried turning Airport off but no joy.

    I've also tried linking the Mac to the PC with a cross-over cable in the hope that I could work out how to let the Mac get to the internet through the PC. This would be a temp solution. Could anyone lead me through a proceedure for doing this, I've tried for a while but no joy. The PC is running XP.

    I am planning on getting Satellite Internet with a dish but an still waiting for the company to get off their but.


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    edit: Just re-read your post and noticed the bit about the external antenna...

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