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    System Requirements
    Hello everyone,

    I've been wanting to purchase Command and Conquer Generals for my Mac, but it exceeds my system requirements. I remember in the PC world that if you bought the software anyway it generally was a horrible pain to try to play. Here are the requirements and what I have.

    1GHZ G4/G5
    256MB RAM
    ATI 3D card
    1.6G Disk Space

    I Have:
    512MB RAM
    ATI 3D card
    Plenty of disk pace

    Basically, are Mac's like PC's in terms of their requirements? (IE: Literally a 1GHZ is the absolute lowest possible even with extra ram).

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    hey - why don't you try the demo and see how it works?
    free at

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    I think you should be fine, coz u have plenty ram. BUT, graphics should be good. My C&C lags on heavy rendering. You can always try the demo and see if that works fine, before buying the game.

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