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Thread: Mac to HD telly with HDMI

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    Mac to HD telly with HDMI
    Hey all

    Any1 know of the best and cheapest way to connect my macbook and imac (both new with minidvi) to my HD telly i was thinking minidvi -> dvi then attach it to a DVI-HDMI cable - any1 know any better ways or a relativly cheap way to splice audio (SPDF) into teh hdmi not essentail as i can run a separate lead to the surround sound amp - tiger beta has apple TV OS integrated and as im Betain it i think it might be cool to hook it up

    Kind regards


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    Try these..... I'm pretty sure they will work

    M1000DV HDMI® to DVI Reference Digital Video Interface

    Monster Cable® M Series® M1000DV DVI to HDMI® Pony-Tail Adapter

    Monster Cable® M Series® M1000DV HDMI® to DVI Pony-Tail Adapter

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    Forget about Monster Cable. Go to and get a DVI to HDMI cable from them. You can get a basic 6ft cable for about $4. Or you could get a better version for about $16, which is equivalent, if not better than Monster Cables.

    MonoPrice DVI to HDMI Cables

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    2nd the forget about paying Monster prices for digital cables
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