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    Unhappy Bluetooth Question
    I am new to the whole Bluetooth "thing" and know that my phone and a couple other devices have the Bluetooth capabilities. However, my Power Mac G4 does not have the capability; it was manufactured before this phenom. I was wondering if there was a "after market" plug in or card that would allow my G4 to have bluetooth capability? I went to my local Apple Store and they didn't have a concrete answer. They told me to check the internet for a more decisive answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You could probably use a USB Bluetooth Dongle... What are you trying to do? I find that it is much easier (faster) just to plug in a USB cable connect to my phone, if for some reason I want to get a picture from my phone to my Mac... an even easier (IMO) way is just to email the picture to myself.

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