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RickR 06-25-2007 12:14 PM

Problem with mirroring Mac's Hard Drive for Hard Drive Upgrade
I am going to be upgrading the hard drive in my MacBook Pro. To do this I purchased a 2nd SATA 2.5" Hard Drive and a Apricorn USB enclosure. I'm following the advice on iFixit and also a article on MacWorld magazine ( The problem I have is I'm using SuperDuper to do the hard drive mirroring. I had to format the hard drive first using Disk Utility. Then I used SuperDuper for the backup. Unfortunately the first two times it froze up at 22 gigs and would not go longer so I eventually had to end it. I then tried it another time and it went much faster but then gave an error just 2000 files or so from the end.
Is there another program that is better to do this backup or is there something I'm doing wrong with SuperDuper?
Am I better off using Disk Utility's Restore Screen?

techiesteve 01-19-2014 09:24 AM

You could try Carbon Copy Cloner, it is free to use for a limited time, but I suspect your problem lies elsewhere. Before cloning I would use Disk Utility to repair disk permissions and repair disk. I always use Disk Warrior to rebuild the disks directory before cloning, but you don't really want to spend out on commercial software unless you have to. Have you had any problems with your MacBook Pro's hard drive before attempting the clone?

harryb2448 01-19-2014 05:19 PM

After formatting Mac OS Extended (Journaled) have you gone into Partition and under Options selected GUID? Is the enclosure main powered or Bus Powered?

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