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    Mar 30, 2007
    Cant Write on my Ex-HD .. !

    guyz i need help ..

    finally i got my MacBook Pro ..
    and its awesome .. i have juts this one problem ..
    i can Read files form my HD but i cant write on it !!

    is there any solution for this problem .. besides formating my HD !!?

    thanx in advanced ..

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    Your external HD must be in HFS+ or FAT32 format. If it is NTFS then Mac OS cannot write to it, only read. I use FAT32 so that my external drives can be used by Windows or Mac OS. Useful for cross platform file sharing aswell.

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    Mar 30, 2007
    hey "Craig"..

    thank you ..

    i know it must be FAT32 to be able to write on the HD in Mac
    but the problem is that i was using windows for along time and didnt know about these stuff .. and now after switching to Mac .. this problem came on .. so now is there any solution for this problem .. i dont want to format my HD and then convert it to FAT32 .. !!

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    The only solution I can see is that you connect the external to a WinBox and burn the files you want to keep on CD or DVD. Then you'll need to reformat the external.

    If you do not plan on using the external with a WinBox, I'd suggest reformatting in HFS+ which is the native Mac OS X format.

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    If you reformat to FAT-32, do it on the Mac. You won't have the partition size issues that Windows forces on you.

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    Mar 30, 2007
    thanx guyz .. really appreciate it )

    but i guess there is another way .. i guess u con download 2 programs which will let u write on the HD without formating it .. !!

    does any one know about these progs !?

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    seriously. just copy all the data you want off the drive to your new MBP and then format it as FAT32 (or format one partition FAT and a second as HFS+ for files larger than 4GB). save yourself the headaches you'll encounter otherwise.
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