I posted an earlier msg related to this problem. I have a External Hard Drive that's USB/Firewire400/Firewire 800. Earlier I hooked it up to the computer and was able to view it on the desktop or in Finder. I since have hooked it up to a Airport Extreme Base Station and it works fine on there. I have a lot of data to copy to it so tried hooking it up via USB/FW400/FW800 and all ways it won't show up on Finder or the Desktop.

I know it sees the drive. I can hear the hard drive power up when I plug it in. Also, when I remove the hard drive cable it states that I didn't remove the device properly.

What I did is went into the Finder and chose Network, Volumes, and I saw the drive listed there. I also see it listed in Disk Utility.

I chose Get Info for the drive in Finder/Network/Volumes and saw the following:
It has a checkmark under the General Area for Locked
Under Owners & Permissions it says I have no access
Under Details it basically says no access for me, other users, etc.

I know this is probably my problem. I have no idea how it go there but also everything is greyed out. How can I fix this type of problem? DId hooking it up to the base station do this? I formatted the drive as HFS+ on this Mac before hooking up to the base station and it's a Western Digital My Book 500GB.