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Thread: YouTube Is LIVE

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    YouTube Is LIVE
    I cant believe no one has posted this yet. but it is here update 1.1

    you get Youtube support, top 10 songs + music video previews, and a couple new screen saver options. O and an option in the settings for Itunes store!? Im guessing this is for the music video previews. Let me know if you see any other cool features.

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    Just updated mine last night and picked a random clip but it ran very slowly and kept stopping which I would guess is down to my 0.5MB broadband connection and my rubbish 802.11G router.

    The picture quality was not too blocky running at 720p on my 32" HD LCD.

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    My apple TV has not updated yet and won't manually get the update. Very strange. Any ideas?

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    The current down side I found while using the Search feature with YouTube is the limited number of videos available. They have started to encode to Apples video standard but this won't be completed until the fall. Until then it's a good start.

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