I am cleaning out the room, getting ready to move out for college. I am sadly having to get rid of much of my mac gear that I have collected throughout the years. A Power Mac 6400, an old SCSI Scanner, lots of old keyboards, etc. However, I am taking a power mac 9500 with a 400 mhz upgrade card running OSX 10.2 for use as a file server at college. I have 2 old apple monitors, a color sync 15, and a color sync 1705. This computer will only be used as a server, and the monitor will be sitting on my desk. My instincts tell me to keep the color sync 15, as it is smaller, and all I will need to be able to do is see open windows to move and manage files. Is there any reason to keep the colorsync 1705, other than a larger screen? Does it offer any other benefits?

On to the other question. I also have a laser writer 300. Does anyone know of any drivers that I can use so that it will run in OSX? If I can find drivers for it, I can use it. If not, I will have to get rid of it, or boot into 9 to get it to work. Also, is there a way to hook it up to a newer computer? An adapter, in other words. There is the griffin imate, but is only works in 10.3, and I have 10.2, and 10.4. The 10.2 is not upgradable to 10.3.
Are there any other workarounds?

-Edit- The griffin imate has drivers for os 9 and 10.2, but I would like to use the printer with my new mac, so that I don't have to keep tranfering files back and forth between computers.
If I have to, that is an option, but I would be happier if there was somthing else.

-Edit2- The griffin imate is for adb devices. The laser writer is serial. Back to square 1.

-Edit3- Found an adapter that will work. Made by keyspan. Still not sure about drivers, though.

-Edit 4- Have found info that suggests laser writer 300 driver is impossible. Disregard 2nd question. I'll boot into os 9 as needed.

Thanks for any help or suggestions