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    Unhappy External HD Problem!!!!!
    I have an external HD that will not show up on my mac. It will work with my partners pc but when I connect it to my mac nothing shows. The last time I had it working on mac, it was unplugged before I ejected from the desktop. This happened a few times but after I plugged it into my partners pc then back into the mac it was fine. How do I get this to work again?



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    Uhhhh... plug it into your partner's PC and then back into your Mac?

    Seriously, I'm not sure you've given us enough to go on. Describe the HD. Is it a powered unit or just running off of USB? Is it even USB or Firewire? How is it formatted -- FAT32 or NTFS? Are you using the same connection for both the PC and the Mac (i.e. USB or Firewire?)?

    I've seen 2.5" external drives that are USB-powered that work fine on a PC but not on a Mac -- something to do with the power differences being output from the two machines.

    Toss a few more details our way, Dan, and I'm sure the folks who are smarter than I (and that's most of them) will be happy to help with suggestions.

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