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    Hey guys I'm looking for an external web cam, besides isight. Anyone got one's that are relatively cheap and that works with a mac?


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    ok I'm on my 4th webcam and I'm found that philips spc210nc works with both macam and skype. I don't know how macam works because when I download it the webcam works in the actual macam program but not skype. I had to download IOXperts Webcam Driver 1.1 before skype would work but, now the resolution is really low and I can't fix it. Anyone know how I can fix it? or any other driver I can use that would fix my problem?


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    You may wish to try out eCamms's iMage webcam, which they say is iSight compatible. See:

    They also have a software driver called iChatUSBCam, which allows pretty much any webcam to be used with iChat. See:

    Good luck!
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