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    added hard drive now Ive got glitches.
    I recentlly added a 320gb hd and also added a ata133 a-card to let me use the whole volume.(g4) 1st of all it does not seem any faster to have the extraspace, second, any time it goes into sleeep mode the sound stops working. any sugestions?!

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    Extra space on the hard drive will basically have no bearing on the speed of the system. Moving from the ATA/100 to ATA/133 will have very negligible difference. The only things where you will see any difference at all will be related to issues where the hard drive was the bottleneck. For most things like boot time, how long it takes to launch an app, unless you do timed tests between the two, you will probably not notice any difference.

    As to the 2nd will leave that for others.
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