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Thread: Synch Speed - 5 minutes per song ????

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    Apr 28, 2007
    Synch Speed - 5 minutes per song ????
    Can anyone tell me roughly what the synch speed should be between an apple TV and my macbook pro - i just started to synch and it't taking approx 5 mins to synch 1 song !!!! - is that right? At this rate it will take days to synch my music library and i guess i can forget TV shows and movies.

    any advice out there ?

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    do you have an N router? how far are you from the router and how far is the appletv from the router?
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    Apr 28, 2007
    thanks. no - Buffalo 'G' - although i have a new Linksys 'N' sitting available (waiting to be switched over) - should i swap then ?

    Both devices are aprox 20 feet from the router.

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    even on a G it should be faster than that, much faster. otherwise the entire setup idea would be pointless! (i am waiting for my appleTV to get here so this concerns me a bit!)
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    you could try swapping to the N router, as they are much much much much faster.

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    Apr 28, 2007
    well i plan to swap over to the N (linksys) router this weekend so will report back on any improvement in speed. With the as it's setup at the moment it synching is basically un-usable. It synchs, just very very slowly.

    If the N still does not sort it i will try hard wiring one or the other to see if that sorts t.

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    Unless you have the new MPB that is 802.11n wireless, hooking up your N router will only go as fast as your MPB that has the 802.11g. But it should not take 5min to sync 1 song.
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    unfortunately i am just at the point at throwing this pile of garbage out of the window.

    It takkes ~5 hrs to synch a tv show and 5 mins to synch a song...and now it won't synch at all!!!!!

    The only answer is to 'reset' the apple TV which means i lose everything that has been synch'd in the past and i'm back to square 1.

    Apple TV is a great concept very poorly implemented. I never thought i would say this but this is a CRAP product.

    So buggy it is untrue - i urge everyone to refrain from considering a purchase until Apple bring out a serious software update.

    i suspect they rushed to market to get the kudos. I just hope the same will not be true for the iPhone.....

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    Apr 28, 2007
    Take it ALL back - it's my wireless network. Too many walls. i guess for normal surfing you do not notice that you are running at a relatively low speed but when synching mass data from 1 device to another it REALLY has an impact. Wired both devices and songs synch at 1 song per second!!

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    Just PM'd you!.

    It's probably your networking set-up and not ATV. I had similar problems at first but when I simplified my network set-up...everything worked smoothly.

    I had to put all my itunes media on my desktop which is connected directly to my wireless router via ethernet cable.

    When I was using my powerbook with ATV, synching was slow because the media went from the powerbook to wireless router (upstairs) to ATV (downstairs).

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    Sorry to jump onto this thread but I am having similar problems.

    I have a wireless 802.11G router (it's a BT Home Hub - which I think is made by Thompson) and a 160GB Apple TV my music is ripped to Apple Lossless format and it is taking between 5-10 minutes to Sync a song. I have ordered an Airport Extreme but my order with Apple will take 4-6 weeks.

    I turned off all my network security and still got the same issue.

    Streaming also wont work very well, it takes about 1 minute to start a song / podcast and then every few seconds the playback stops for about 30 seconds before it restarts.

    Could I just sync the bulk of my library via a Ethernet cable and after that sync the stuff I download and rip via wireless connections (that way the bulk of my 100GB library is on there)? I have seen this link saying it's possible but it does not say if I can sync the new stuff I add to my library via wireless (I am also not sure which cable to get either)?

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    i was going to tell you that it is your network settings but i guess you figured that out
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    i dont remember

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    I just picked up the 160gb Apple TV using wireless N the average is about 2 seconds per song.

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    ive noticed this...

    if my laptop is wifi'ed to the router, and the appleTV is wifi'ed to the router, things go incredibly slow. its just the router has a hard time transmitting and recieving at the same time. it does about 800KB/s just file transfering.

    if you all can, id try to create a Personal network on the MAC, and then hook into it on the ATV. this may speed it up quite a bit/!
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