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    flash drives
    my friend is giving me his flash drive, though it is a sandisk 4GB and the software is not compatible for MAC, but I would have delete the software anyway. Will it work with mac, after all it is just storing and carrying info???

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    any flash drive should be compatible. if he had it formatted ntfs for some reason, you'll just have to reformat it with disk utility as FAT32 or HFS+ (if you don't think you'll ever connect it to a windows machine).
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    It didn't occur to me before using my SanDisk flash drive that it might not work for any reason! It does fine.
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    It'll work fine. Like you say, the security software won't be any good, but in my experience the same goes on Windows anyway. I set one with the same password I have used for years, and the second time I used it it forgot the password and formatted the data partition.

    Just don't format it with the HFS system (Mac) if you want to read it with a PC.

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