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    External Microphone Options...
    I'm in search of a small microphone that would be well suited for recording lectures come this fall. Aside from Logitechs desktop usb microphones I'm having very little luck in doing so. I'm sure they would work just fine but I had in mind something more portable and less intrusive such as a thumbdrive microphone.
    I understand that the Mac laptops and many others have built in mics but I wouldn't think of them to be ideal in my situation as a monitor exist between the source audio and the microphone. I could turn the laptop around, but then the laptop is of little use to me.

    Recap the requirements...
    1. Portable
    2. Unobtrusive
    3. Sensitive enough for large lecture halls (although I very well intend on taking a seat in the front row)
    4. Fairly priced. $0-$50


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    What do you mean when you say "but I wouldn't think of them to be ideal in my situation as a monitor exist between the source audio and the microphone."? Are you talking about the actual MB monitor?

    If I were you, just go sit up front in class (you'll have to do this anyway, with whatever microphone you choose). Just run Audacity and record. In my opinion, it might not be worth it to get another microphone.

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