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Thread: Titanium Powerbook picture frame

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    Titanium Powerbook picture frame
    So my mom's titanium powerbook recently started cracking at the hinges and was slightly hanging off.

    She does fairly basic stuff with it (web surfing, Word processing, emailing), so she doesn't really need anything new at this point. But getting the hinges replaced would also cost a fair amount.

    So instead I decided to convert it into a desktop for her.

    I didn't take any pictures of the build, but basically I first removed the hinges and folded the powerbook's display onto the back of the case, glued together a frame from some regular bits of wood and then got a long bit of white wooden floor-bording to attach as a frame of sorts.

    I am still going to attach an adjustable stand, but for the time being it's propped up in a textbook stand.

    It still needs a few final touches (tidy up the seams, glue residue etc.) and I need to add some more spacers to get it to sit straight in the frame, but as she needs to get some work done with it, here's a few pictures of the initial version:

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    I'm in mixed minds at it, I mean fair play for being so resourceful I would of probably given up or screwed it up, but on the other hand look what you've done you've turned it into a PC especially with that Keyboard
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    Nice job!! I would love to see pics after you've put your final touches on it

    Oh, and get her a nicer keyboard

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    Hehe, yeah the keyboard and mouse are also more of a temporary stop-gap.
    We just plugged in whatever she had around the house.

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