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Thread: Question about upgrading hard drive in AppleTV

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    Question about upgrading hard drive in AppleTV
    Well I've only had my AppleTV for 2 months and love it! The only problem I have now is the 30 gig hard drive seems so small! I used to stream my content but sometimes it didn't play as well and it's nice and simple to sync it. Then I don't have to worry about if I left my laptop open
    My question: I am sure it will void the warranty but is it possible to upgrade the hard drive in the AppleTV? If so, are there instructions online or is hard? There are many 160 gig options available and I even see 200 and 250 gig options. Since Apple is going to have a 160 gig version of Apple TV available on Thursday I'm wondering if I'm better off simply buying that and selling the one I have.

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    Do which ever is cheaper. I've seen an online tutorial so it should be pretty to add a HD. But it's going to be a laptop HD, so it will get expensive.
    Will 160GB enough for you now? How about the future? If you answer no to the second one, I'd put in the 250GB HD now. It will save you from buying the new one now and then upgrading that 6 months later.

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    If you want to open up your Apple TV try this site for loads of info:

    I would also download an episode of the video podcast Systm which went in great detail on how to increase the functionality of your Apple TV HDD and add extra functionality.

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