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    i want to build a g4
    i have access to an empty sawtooth case so what do i need and were can i get the parts. i'm finally sick of the non expandability of my emac and need more video power. i realize that it might be kinda spendy to do what i want but at least i can go at my own pace this way. any help would be nice. i'm fairly competent but have never built a mac before. i'd like anything over 1ghz, a superdrive,radeon 9800pro, and a very good sound card. other than that i'm kinda lost.
    thanks guys/gals :confused:

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    Well I guess you need to find an Apple source and custom order parts, but will you know how to assemble it all?

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    Look for people selling working pulls or machines for parts and scavenge away.....

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