I had a Lacie 160 gig and a Western Digital 80 gig on my 20 Inch Mac working fine together (firewire), but need more backup space. (I keep two external backups. I lost a drive a long time ago without a backup and have been careful ever since)

I bought a Western Digital 320 Gig My Book. Installed the software as instructed in guide. Had to reboot (too reminincent of PC!!!) and the drive came up ok. Daisy chained my old Western Digital 80 Gig and it came up ok. Plugged in my old 160 gig Lacie and nothing. (all firewire)

Took all Western Digital equipment off line, rebooted and tried to see the Lacie alone using firewire and no go. Anybody know what I did, can undo or redo?

I hooked the Lacie to my old G4 laptop arunning 10.3 and it didn't show up there either (firewire). It appears to be something wrong with the Lacie drive firewire port since the USB 2.0 port shows the drive OK. I am out of USB ports and need to daisy chain the drives using firewire. Any suggestions?