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    Linksys banning a URL
    all I want to block a URL on my Linksys WRT54G I have entered the url and restarted the router but I can still get to the url without problems . What have I overlooked.

    Failing that does anyone know how to block a url in windows. As I can block on both Macs but can't find how to do it in Explorer 7

    Well after further research I've found on another site that I'm not alone with the Linksys not blocking a url. The Guy at the Apple store showed me a way via terminal which he said He would mail me. Somthing to do with making the host the url I want to block ?

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    Hmm, for Windows, I think you have to change your host file.
    Navigate to: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\ ... From there, you'll have to add the website you want to block.

    Then, to make sure, hit Windows Key + R to get the Run window. Then type ipconfig /flushdns

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