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    Nov 16, 2006
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    13 inch Macbook Pro Retina, 2.7ghz, 128gb SSD
    Which External HD to get
    I was looking to purchase an external HD for my macbook. I'm thinking of getting one of the following;


    Has anybody had any experience with any of those drives? any reviews, comments etc on any of the 2?

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    I know my Dad has had the western digital passport for a while and never ran across any problems with it. I may end up picking one up eventually.
    CPU 2ghz C2D Black Mackbook/2gigs Ram/120gigHDD
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    I'd go for the WD. Personally I'm looking for a good/cheap NAS external drive.

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    Dec 06, 2006
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    I have the WD Passport and it works great with SuperDuper

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    Jun 29, 2006
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    I cheated on this issue just recently.
    I upgraded my internal drive(80Gb) to a 160Gb 7200.2 SATA-300 drive
    I then purchased a cheapo SATA-USB enclosure from eBay for a tenner and a couple of quid postage(bargin)
    I then slapped in the new drive in the enclosure and ran superduper to copy everything.
    I then swapped the drives around and formatted the 80Gb for general storage. Best of both worlds now. Large internal and a smaller drive for all my personal data.
    Cost me a total of 140 odd quid.
    On a crusade to get all household electricals in Apple white!

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