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Thread: Mp3 to ringtone??

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    Mp3 to ringtone??
    I know this is sort of odd ball but maybe you all can help me.

    So, I have a motorola L2 and I want to use some of my own mp3's as ringtones. I know this can be done with Motorola phone tools but there is no mac version that I know of. Is there anyway I can still do this with out using motorola phone tools?


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    I think you can set your connection to USB and access your files on the phone that way, but I don't know if you can just add an mp3 and have it recognized as a ringtone. I'm sure Motorola has a proprietary format.

    If you don't get an answer here, a good place to ask is the guys over at There's phone gurus-a-plenty there. I have an SLVR and use MPT in windows via Bootcamp: one of a few programs I keep Windows around for. I just naturally assumed the best/easiest way to do it was through MPT, but there's a chance someone has found another way.

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    I believe Motorola has there own Proprietary software to enable u to access the fone to start with... I know It sux, I tried to do that for my Rzr.

    But one u do get the MP3 on the fone it will work just fine, no extra formats needed. Most of the ringtones on the Moto Rzr and SLVR are MP3s anyways same as the Moto Q.

    Sorry Netty

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    Your L2 does support mp3 ringtones BTW, but they usually have to be downloaded. AFAIK your phone should be BlueTooth capable ... is this right, Netty?

    I recently bought an L6 .. which has been superceded. I couldn't find a nice case locally, but was lucky enough to find a silicone cover on ebay.

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