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    Anyone using My Book Pro II for backup/storage?
    I am currently using a Maxtor 100GB External hard drive that is acting up. It is giving out a loud noise and I assume that it will be dead soon. I would like to get an external hard drive to be used as both a storage and backup device. I looked at the specs of the Western Digital My Book Pro Edition II and I think that's what I want to see in the specs of the external hard drive that I will get. So I was wondering if any of you here has any experience with it and also if you would recommend me anything else. Here is what I want:
    -A good amount of storage space; 200GB or more.
    -Can backup the whole system as well as individual files.
    -Users can replace the hard drives themselves.
    -Good warranty (the My Book Pro Edition II has a 3-year warranty)
    -I am not familiar with RAID but I think that's when you have two copies of the hard drives so when one dies you still have a full copy of the hard drive. This is what I essentially want.

    Any comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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    I have two Maxtor drives, no problems at all. One is an actual external (OneTouch II) and another one is just some regular internal drive I got from Black Friday. I just bought an external enclosure and made it into an external.

    No problems at all.

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