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    How to copy movies to AppleTV and iPod without syncing
    I have both a Video iPod and a AppleTV. I have a lot of short videos that I read into my Mac from DVD's. I like to put these on my video iPod and the AppleTV. Because of a shortage of hard drive space I don't like to keep these files on my Mac. I'd like to simply be able to copy these files to either of these devices. I have been able to drag a song in iTunes to my iPod to do this but can't do this with videos and also can't do this to my AppleTV. Is there a way to do this?
    For now I have syncing turned on and select what videos I want to copy over in the sync options for movies. I'm sure if I deleted these items from my computer in the next sync it would be deleted from the device.

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    If you delete the movie files in the Finder and not from within iTunes they'll be off your hard drive but not deleted from your iPod/Apple TV. Within iTunes you'll get a exclamation point next to the items because it can't find them. Just make sure you sync before deleting them.

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