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Thread: Lacie HD & Clean Up > ?

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    Lacie HD & Clean Up > ?
    hello everyone... I am looking for a firewire HD to use with my Macbook to store all my Ableton Live files and clips for performance. I have never used or purchased an external HD so this wil be my first. The Lacie HD's were recommended and I will be using it with my Macbook, 2 MIDI controllers, and a M-Audio FW410 as my audio interface. I have deleted most of the programs on my Macbook because I am dedicating my Macbook for Ableton Live performance and DJing. I am not too familiar with OSX however is there a feature to clean the HD or defrag like with Windows. I know some maintance on Windows doesn't have to be done on OSX. I just want to perform some maintenance (like I do with Windows) for max performance...

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    Based upon what I've read in several other posts, defragging your HD is not necessary with OS X - well, not on your part. It does this automatically each time you install/remove an application, and maybe someone else can mention other times when OS X will do this.

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    as long as the HD is formatted HFS+ you should be ok.

    if it's FAT32 you may need expensive software to handle that sort of task. and if it's NTFS, reformat it.

    for some more detail, check this recent thread i had on a similar issue:
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    yeah...I actually just bought a couple of books on MAC OS X and started readin about this.....thanks..


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