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    Non-iPhone Phone Question
    Howdy all! I wasn't sure whether to post in iPhone forum or here or somewhere else, so it might need to be moved. Hopefully its a semi-simple question. First off...

    I want an iPhone, but the thing is bulky. I don't need or want the internet, especially knowing it will probably be 40 dollars a month just for access (that is how much the new at and t charges for its better smartphones). I recently purchased some nifty motorola bluetooth headphones, thinking they would work with my SLVR. The SLVR does not support A2DP which is how the audio is transferred to the headphones.

    Long story short, I want to use these headphones and am willing to upgrade to a new phone.

    Does anyone know if any phone with a memory slot (Motorola KRZR for example) is compatible with Mac, specifically Intel iMac? I have used various MP3 players, some by Samsung, dragging and dropping songs into their folders. I am curious if phones will work the same. This way I can hand up my SLVR to my mom, and use my headphones with joy and glee.

    This is a great forums site and I am glad to have found it. I live in Las Vegas and am a die hard Kansas City Chiefs fan, so if anyone wants to chit chat about that, I am welcome to conversation. Thanks to all.

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    Anyone have any answers? I am just wondering if I can transfer mp3 files to a Motorola KRZR or any other music playing phone on my iMac?

    It is easy to do with my SLVR and iTunes, but the KRZR doesn't have iTunes. However, I also add custom ringtones to the SLVR's audio folder, so this makes me think that I could do the same with a KRZR or RAZR.

    Sorry for bumping, just wanted to get some clarification from some of you nice peoples. Thanks a bunch.

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    Any USB-Phone will mount like a flash drive on a Mac. There's nothing special about it. You can transfer MP3s to the phone, but you cannot use them as ringtones -(at least not on my RAZR V3i).
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