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andrebnu 05-08-2007 09:29 AM

Firewire transfer rate
Hey guys,

Is there a way to test the transfer speed of a firewire connection?

The reason is that I've bought a externall HDD with FW 800 connection.

It proclaims itself to have a sustained transfer rate of 73MB/sec.

It would give me roughly 4.4 GB/min, right?

Last night a did the first backup from my mbp to the ext disk.

I'm not sure, but as far as I could notice, transfer rates were about 2 GB/min...

What should I expect from this kind of connection?


IronMac 05-08-2007 12:52 PM

Try this it works for me MBBench

andrebnu 05-08-2007 01:11 PM

man, that looks like exactly what I was looking for!! I'll give it a try tonight, as soon as I get home!

tks for replying!!

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