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    Question Starting eMac without power button
    Is there a way to power on the eMac without the power button? My power button is broken. There is a real small button on one of the boards near the memory and battery, but I'm not sure what that does. Is there a key command or can I also try hooking up an older iMac keyboard with the built-in power button?


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    Turning your eMac on without a Power Button
    My power button has also failed. The only way to turn it on now is to place a wire (I used a wire twist tie.) that connects the Black and Red leads on the connector for the power button. This is done by placing the wire on the top of the connector where you can see metal showing. This will turn on the Mac. I would recommend turning on the option to have the mac reboot after a power failure and keep it plugged into a power strip that you turn off. (I use mine as a server so I never usually turn it off unless I need to do maintenance.)

    Good luck.

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