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photojunkie 04-30-2007 03:12 PM

i connected my 350d up to the mac for the first time today, but it is not recognising that it is there. do i have to download the drivers?

photojunkie 04-30-2007 03:44 PM

i've realised that i can download photos with iphoto, but i want to use the software that came with the camera, image browser etc.

MacHeadCase 04-30-2007 05:51 PM

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Through OS X's Image Capture app, you can tell the system which program will download your photos to your Mac.

Just launch it, you'll find the settings in its preferences.

I have the Rebel XT as well except I don't plug in the camera, I use a media card reader but it should work the same.

wokka wokka 05-02-2007 01:35 AM

I've got a similar problem. My EOS 20D isn't recognised either.

If I look in the EOS software on the computer it sees there is a 20D there, but any attempt to access it doesn't work. I use a card reader to get the pics off, but when plugged in OS X creates the recyle bins etc on the drive, so I always reformat it when I put it back in the camera.

I haven't been able to get my remote control software working, which is annoying as I used it on my old windows laptop no trouble.

iPhoto doesn't always work for me, and I don't really like it anyway.

I'd be interested to find out the solution (if any).

bryphotoguy 05-02-2007 07:08 AM

hmm, I had a similar problem with a D200. Have you updated to 10.4.9? I think they added some more DSLR support with the update. If you have, try a card reader. I am kind of at a loss after that.

wokka wokka 05-02-2007 07:17 AM

Card Readers are OK, but the EOS software does remote control and RAW processing as well as file transfering.

I found others have had similar a problem, but can't find a solution.

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