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    External hard drive for Final Cut Pro & Macbook pro
    Hi All

    Can anybody suggest the best external hard drive or atleast what should I look for when I buy one for use with my final cut pro particularly with macbook pro.
    I noticed some threads earlier but they were not specific to macbook pro and final cut pro running in the MBpro.

    thanks for the info!

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    I know it is more expensive but get a external that supports firewire 800. Your mac should and it will be the fastest way to transfer videos between your mac and the external. USB is WAY to slow, firewire 400 is better but 800 is the best.
    As for drive specs, the more space the better, the higher the drive speed the better. DO NOT get a 5400RPM drive, 7200 only. And pick one up with a 16MB cache.
    This is what I own, only in a 250. And it comes in an alumuinum color case which should look sweet next to the MBP.

    Mybook Pro

    Those two are the nicest I think. LaCie is what most video students used when I was in school. And I know that's what we stock and sell the most of at work. (I work for a large professional photograhic and video retailer.) btw, take a look at the bid disk extreme, that's what you should be looking for.


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    Hey, If you plan on going mobile, I would suggest the lacie rugged 100 GB 7200 RPM drive. I have one of these and it is great! Unfortuantly it is only 100GB, but if you would like, you could also take a look at the G-RAID mini 200GB 7200RPM which is a little more at $499. Both are great disks, but the lacie is more a "through in my bag.." kind of drive, where the g-tech is more like "place in my bag.."
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    i have been editing with a WD 250gig drive hooked up via firewire 400 and everything has been great. i have had no instances where i had to wait for the drive to catch up or anything like that.

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    i have a acomdata external hdd e5, 320 gb 7200RPM. picked it up in compusa for 135 about two weeks ago havent had any problems with it

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    Hey folks,

    These forums are awesome- I'm so glad I've discovered them!

    Based on the posts above, I believe one of the LaCie disks with FireWire 800, 7200 rpms is best.

    My question- I have a new Canon HF10 (solid state camcorder with AVCHD recording)... Does anyone know if I also need to buy a PCI card to go from the camera to the hard-drive?


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