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    Exclamation Mac newbie...installing video camera. Help!
    Hey guys,
    Ive just taken the plunge today and bought myself a mac book. Im getting along ok so far but now im stuck and not sure where to go next!

    Ive never used a mac in my life so please forgive me if i have posted in the wrong section!

    I have a JVC GR-D73 video camera i use to record all my video and i want to record some footage to my mac but problem is i dont know how!

    Ive connected the camera to the mac via USB and turned the camera on to play but nothing has happened! Now in windows u would have a driver installation but nothing has happened. I have found System Profiler and checked under USB and the camera is there but i cant find out what to do next.

    I hope someone can help point me in right direction!

    Many many thanks
    A Mac Newbie!!

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    What i do is use iMovie. Just open it up. You'll probably have to create a new project. Then when you turn on your camcorder to its "play" mode, iMovie should switch to its import mode. If it doesn't then you can click the little button in the bottom left area. That switches from edit mode to importing mode. Then you'll be able to control your camcorder from iMovie. Then click import to import.

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