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tandaina 04-21-2007 09:47 AM

Canon iP4300 issues
I got a Canon iP4300 with my new Mac.

The Mac is a MacBook, never will be connected directly to the printer. The printer is shared from one of my desktop computers.

I set the printer up using the included software and shared it. Both desktops (Windows) print to it just fine (NICE printer!)

The Mac can see it and can even print to it but I can't seem to get the drivers right? Doing the install from the disk doesn't seem to work on the Mac with the network printer and I'm apparently not choosing the right "Printer Model".

I chose the Canon BJC-4300 (Gimp beta drivers) option under "Printer Model" since it seemed the closest. It prints but the pages are really small. Its making each page about 40% scaled. Couldn't QUITE fit two pages on a sheet, but almost.

How do I fix this guys? I'm tired of sending files to the Windows machines to print!

bobtomay 04-21-2007 10:53 AM

Try the latest drivers from Canon here.

You're having same issue I had under Linux with my Canon. If you try installing close model #, choose another iP model #, not 4300. The iP and the BJC are different types of printers.

GulfVetSAF 04-21-2007 11:42 AM

I posted a topic similar to this with my epson stylus cx 7800. I downloaded and isntalled all the newest drivers. However, I STILL haven't been able to print from my macbook through my network. When setting it up, under the printer options tab, the NEW drivers are never there no matter how I do it (and yes, I did reset and restart). If I pick the generic drivers or something similar to my Epson CX7800, either junk flows out or it just runs off 200 million blank copies! I'd like to know this answer as well. When I hook the printer up directly (USB) it identifies it and works fine)! Thanks!

tandaina 04-21-2007 03:55 PM

Yeah that's my problem. The drivers don't work. They're installed but the Mac can't seem to connect slot A to Tab B. In other words it sees the printer on the network. It sees the drivers on the computer but it won't use one for the other. Its really annoying.

Has ANYONE gotten network printing working on a mac? Please, give me step by step dummy instructions.

bobtomay 04-21-2007 04:15 PM

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Downloaded and installed the iP4300 manual for the Mac. Canon is being nuts here, the manual installs as an application rather than just some type of document file. But anyway, under the network setup, it goes through set up instructions on an all OS X network, and then has a note at the bottom - see attached. Did not want to check out the windows version myself, but you could download and verify yourself.

Based on this note, that this printer cannot be shared from Mac to windows computers, my guess would be that the printer does not support SMB and the reverse would also be true, e.g. no OS X support from a windows machine.

Personally, if it's still new, would take the printer back and find one that will function on multiple OS's simultaneously.
For myself, have switched to network printers so I can plug them directly into my router and bypass all the hassle of sharing between sometimes 5 OS's I may have running.

tandaina 04-21-2007 04:28 PM

Its about a month old and I love it. I won't bother taking it back. I can print draft stuff from the MAC, it just doesn't scale right (page size is wrong. Actually if I could tell the Mac the page size was non standard it might work.)

The Windows machines aren't going away so I'll just keep printing from there. Ah well. Wish the little manual that came with the dern thing had said that, would have avoided quite a bit of hassle.

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