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Thread: burning MP3's

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    Feb 22, 2004
    burning MP3's
    I am trying to burn some mp3 music to the CD (in Audio form). What is the best way of doing this?
    I use Emac & OSX
    When using Itunes, does it convert it automatically to the Audio?
    I have a message saying the tracks will not fit on to the CD. It should.
    When I burn it on PC, it fits fine.
    Any advice will be appreciated

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    go into itunes preferences, go to the burning tab, and make sure it says "mp3 cd". it sounds as if right now it's set on "audio cd", which would explain why the tracks won't fit.

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    Feb 22, 2004
    thanx for the response...
    I am trying to make audio cd from the mp3's that I have on my EMac.
    If I'll change that option to the MP3's, doesn't it mean I will burn the MP3's to my CD?

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    oic what you're sayin. i misunderstood you at first. if you are trying to burn audio cd's, then just keep it on "audio cd" in preferences. and yes, itunes will convert it automatically when you click burn. about the tracks not fitting, though, make sure that the length of the playlist you're trying to burn doesn't exceed 80 minutes. that's the maximum that a cd can hold.

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    thanx a lot... I will post the results

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