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    Question Hook up Mac to PC via KVM
    What do I need to do to hook up my old Mac Performa via a KVM switch to my PC so that I can use my dell monitor, keyboard, and mouse? The problem I am running into is that the Mac mouse and keyboard are 4-pin male connectors whereas my KVM switch I have is a 6-pin. Is what I am trying to do even possible?

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    Im snot sure if they exist but you would need a 6 pin to 4 pin converter. But you might jsut be better off buying a new ps/2 keyboard and mouse

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    Contact (really good KVM switches) and ask them. Phone: (800) 223-5546 ex 2263. They have the best customer service and tech support I have ever come across.
    I asked them a similar question, they actually took my name and number, set up a similar CPU config, tested it and called me back. All without even purchasing the item first.
    A+++ service


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