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    Razer Pro|Type
    Yeouch! Expensive but I like the integration of an iPod cradle though. Razer Pro|Type.

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    ehh, I don't like the ipod integration with it. I probably would like it more if I had a use for it, but right now my current set up is working for me.
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    it looks a little big for me...might not be...the ipod integration seems pretty pointless when u can hook your ipod up to the computer anyways
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    Dude, that's sweet! Blah, too bad I just bought a keyboard. Having your ipod right at your fingertips is awesome, instead of having another cable laying around cluttering up an already-full desk.
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    Exactly my thoughts, onecrazycowgirl! With the Video iPod, I don't have a cradle (guess they must sell some as extras or accessories?) and I simply hate it lying flat on my computer desk when it charges. Combining keyboard and cradle looked pretty nifty to me. :girl:

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    10 programmable buttons, USB hub, and an iPod dock is hardly the bare essentials. I think I'll pass.

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