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Thread: NEW eMacs!!!

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    NEW eMacs!!!
    Well, I just posted that then checked the Apple website.

    And guess what? New eMacs.

    DVD-R now is 8x instead of 4x.

    Processor now, for both models, 1.25 Gzh G4.

    Now with ATI Radeon 9200 over 7500. Still 32mb.

    Lowest Model - $799 US.

    Highest - $999 US.

    Both with 256mb DDR (not SD) Ram!

    Now with USB 2.0!

    Amazing stuff.

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    Nice! I've always loved the eMac (even more than the iMac - weird, I know) and I don't think I'm going to be able to delay buying one much longer. I just need to find a place to put it.

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    the new eMacs have 8x SuperDrives, and the G5's only have 4x SuperDrives. I believe that this is good evidence that a New G5 is coming soon...I mean, they can't have a low-end model Mac with a faster drive than the top-end Mac....Can they?At least not for 3 months! Maybe for 5 days(NAB) but not for 3 months~~~~!!!

    i also just realized that the eMacs have a faster super drive than the iMacs....This may mean that iMac updates are also soon!

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    Well it shows that Apple is cruising! I can't wait to see what's next!

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