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Thread: New Cinema Display Pricing

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    New Cinema Display Pricing
    Hadn't seen this here yet... hope this is the right spot.

    Looks like they lowered the prices on the cinema displays and added some slight modifications.

    20inch - $599
    23inch - $899
    30inch - $1799

    Now where's that integrated iSight?!?!

    IMO still a lil bit overpriced... but so beautiful! I noticed the 23inch and 30inch both are High Def. I'm not sure... is that new?

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    I don't think Apple will put a web camera on the monitor. Not everyone wants a web camrea when they by a monitor.
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    Still not cheap...

    The 23" and 30" have always been "high-def" since they support resolutions of 1920x1080 or higher (which is required for 1080p high-def content) . The 20" only supports 1680x1050 - only enough for 720p (the lower high-def)

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