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    Question Scroll down not working on Mighty Mouse???

    Any advice or ideas on the problem I've having with my Mighty Mouse?

    I have had the same problem with 2 Mighty Mouses (or mice?). I took the first one back within a few weeks and they gave me a replacement new one, however I am now having the same problem with that.

    The problem is that SCROLL DOWN starts not to work (i.e. using the tiny scroll ball on top of the mouse), however SCROLL UP is working. Seeing both mouses (or mice?) have had the same problem after a few weeks is it the mouse or not (i.e. a MacBook h/w or software driver problem).


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    My wife had the same problem and I found that her mouse had dust on the scroll ball. Blowing into the hole solved the problem.

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    awrence is right, When this happens to my mighty mouse, I tip it upside down and blow into the scroll ball while clicking and rotating it.

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