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    External HD wont open on Macbook Pro
    Hello! I have a 17" macbook pro 2.33ghz and a 250gb Lacie FA Porsche USB external hardrive. Recently the external drive stoped opening, ie when i clikc on the icon it dissappears along with all other desktop files then reappears. I have tried the drive on a 24" imac and it works fine... I wondered if anybody had any ideas / help? Not sure if this is in the right place either. Thanks in advance for any info.


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    also, i can search for files and on occasion copy them across onto my desktop but not click directly on the drive...

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    it has also started doing the same when transferring files to an ipod

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    could be a power issue. do you have a double usb port cable? one that has one connection to the drive, and one to the usb port, and another that comes out of that connector to go to another usb port?

    you could try one of those, or the drive most likely has an a/c adapter connection. you could try that as well.

    as for the ipod... not sure. that's weird, it could be a usb port going bad...
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    hi, sorry should have mentioned the drive has it's own power supply. Yup does seem pretty weird!

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    Hi mrneilt! Welcome here!

    Can you look in the DVDs (or CDs) that came with your MBP and spot the Hardware Test? Insert it in the optical drive and restart holding down the D key. Once prompted, ask for an extended test. This will check for any failures in your hardware, including video card, ports, etc. I too think that eric is right in thinking it could be a USB port that is acting up. If it isn't, could be a Finder pref that is corrupted or something like that.

    Please report back with your findings. :girl:

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