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    How do I play music videos on Apple TV?
    I just received my Apple TV today and so far it's working great except for one thing.
    I am streaming the content from my laptop with itunes and it's showing all the music except I also have two music videos. When I go to FrontRow on the mac it shows these music videos under music videos but yet when I go to the Apple TV it won't show any music vides at all, instead saying these don't exist. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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    Try right-clicking and selecting Get Info on one of your music videos. On the top of the Get Info window (where it shows Summary, Info, etc.) is there a selection titled Video? If so select that and see what its set to. If its set to Music Video try changing it to Movies or TV Shows. I don't see a Music Videos menu on my Apple TV so maybe it won't recognize it because it doesn't have that category. I can't test myself because I do not have any Music Videos in my iTunes.

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