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Blastman 03-26-2007 05:31 PM

Read cd burned on PC
Hello all

I am the happy owner of an iMac (intel). I am very pleased by the setup and all, but....

The last thing I did with my PC, was to backUp all my documents and downloaded programs for later use.
The thing is, that I can't read the CDs on my mac. Not even if I boot up in windows.

What can I do? I have checked on a pc and everything is ok..

Please help if you have a solution

Best regards


dtravis7 03-26-2007 05:33 PM

is the iMac reading other CD's? DVD's?

Macs will read all PC CD's so something is going on.

awrence 03-27-2007 03:04 AM

Which program did you use to make the backup. I made a backup of all my photos using photoshop elements and the mac had no problem reading the discs. Has the disc been finalized?

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