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    Unhappy External Hard Drive Device Removal Error

    My Maxtor external hard drive was connected to my MacBook by the USB port when I accidentally tripped on the cord and knocked the hard drive on the floor (falling 1.5 feet) and causing it to disconnect from my MacBook. I immediately got a "Device removal error" message, warning me about the dangers of disconnecting my USB device improperly. Currently when I plug in the hard drive I can hear the fan start, but when I connect it to my MacBook it does not appear in the Finder. I tried to connect it to my PC (it normally is compatible with both), and it will recognize that a device is connected but I cannot successfully call up its contents. I don't know my way around Macs too well. Can anyone help me investigate what is wrong with my drive, or tell me how to fix the "damage" done by improper disconnection?
    Thank you!

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    The damage was more likely done by the fall rather than improperly disconnecting it from the Macbook. This is evident in the fact that it fails to work on both your Mac and PC.

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    Any advice on where to go from here? I'm hoping that since it still turns on I could save my data. Might a technician be able to repair it, or at least get the data off for me?

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