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    As pointed out, for better or worse, Apple has always made some effort to put out a product here and there that would be considered "revolutionary" (and I use that term with my best Steve impression). Well, to be certain, I think every move they make is self embossed with what Apple deems "the next level." Yeah, there's not too much to deny that the company reeks of self importance.

    Is this a bad thing? Not so much.

    How else should a business sell a product? As "the most standard of standard?" I don't think many would argue the Apple image is a highly important cog in Steve's machine.

    And to their credit, they are mostly successful... I mean I save my apple packaging! And I am sure most of you do to. (I just lie and tell people I'm not crazy and in love with cardboard boxes... I keep 'em for... uh, resale )

    Apple's most successful product ever is the iPod. I remember the first iPods... expensive, limited and sexy. People claimed this device would never sell, it cost too much, it's not practical, blah blah.... I think we all know how that ended up.

    So... iPhone, Apple TV, etc. They may go the way of the Pippin (Thanks for that! I forgot about that!) or it's possible Apple may have another iPod on it's hands... and that would be most definitely worth it for the company.

    Apple TV... not for me at this point. ApTV isn't necessarily a limited market though (anyone downloading iTunes content and owns a modern TV is the target market correct?) With LCD/Plasma soon to be in most homes... by the time ApTV matures some things should align quite nicely!

    I think the sour grapes is the fact we are lacking any Mac announcements. Sure, iPhone is a cool looking gadget, but I certainly hope it's not delaying Leopard! I hope all this focus on the Apple TV is not the reason we are waiting on some system refreshes. And the people who really follow this stuff (i.e. not your average consumer... but your tech geek and industry folk) aren't looking for Apple TVs primarily... We want 12inch MBPs and G5 powerbooks (haha).

    Apple dropped the "Computer" from it's name... although, all these devices (iPod, iPhone, ApTV) are essentially computers.

    ...But then so again is my toaster nowadays.

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    Each to his / her own.

    I wanted a decent interface for playing my music on my stereo. I've used a couple of devices which wirelessly stream music, but the displays are tiny and impossible to use when you have a ton of albums by the same artist. Using Apple TV as the interface is brilliant - huge screen allowing me to play whatever I want.

    Also - pictures. I take thousands of pics every couple of months but my family never gets to see them - or it they do, it is on my iMac. Being able to call up slideshows on the big screen is great.

    I agree that the video podcasts are not that great quality (although some are) and I live in the UK so our iTunes store doesn't even sell movies or TV programmes so I have no comment. I'm sure it will come however, and I'm sure the quality will improve.



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    Quote Originally Posted by merkhet View Post
    As for the people to which the set top box is targeted -- I guess I'm part of that group. I pay about 80 dollars a month (in Washington, DC) for a bunch of channels, but I really only watch about 6 shows. When I move up to NYC this May, I'll be able to get satellite for about 50 dollars a month. Now, even using the NYC number of 50 a month for 12 months a year, I'll be paying $600 a year for cable. But I really only care about watching 6 shows.

    Switch now to Apple TV. The cost of Apple TV was $300. The HDMI cable was $20. Assuming that each show's season pass costs approximately $35. Then I'm paying $210 for content. The total I'll be paying for my next year's worth of content is going to be $530, a savings of $70. The next year, my costs will just be for content -- $210.

    But, of course, this is dependent on each individual's own television watching habits.
    If you want cheap HD, pick up a HD rabbit ears set from Radio Shack. I pick up all the local channals in HD plus a few others basic cable does have and paid $40 for the antenna. Quality is amazing! The Office, Leno and Earl plus every football game in would care to watch in HD for free. I am never paying for cable again! And I Netflix what I can't see for $18 a month.

    Sorry for the off topic bit there, I also don't understand Apple TV. $300 to watch your iTunes content on your tv doesn't seem like it's worth it. Doesn't the iPod video export to TV's? If so, couldn't most people do that??


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    I think the problem is in the name. It's not TV, it is just another fancy PC to TV media adapter.

    I don't think downloading clips or browsing clips on the PC should be labelled TV.

    If it did the sort of things a Slingbox does then it would be great.

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    The cost differential between downloading TV and paying cable is merely temporary, as well. TV ad revenue is dropping like the glide path of a `63 Chevy Biscayne -- this being attributed in large measure to Tivo/DVR (which Nielson either doesn't measure at all or only measures under quite strange protocol).

    The networks will soon start charging for download shows more as more folks start accessing programming that way. So I would be cautious in any analysis to justify Apple TV based on cable/satellite savings.

    My bigger question (an off topic) is why anyone wants to watch a movie or tv show on a 2.5" iPod screen. After the "revolution" to get every home equipped with a 50" or better plasma tv, watching anything on an iPod just seems, well, faddish.

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    momma bear
    Quote Originally Posted by D3v1L80Y View Post
    No, fleurya isn't a troll.
    He is merely pointing out a simple fact of reality.
    Apple TV isn't made for everyone. He is part of that group.
    Well include me in his group. Apple TV? I bought a S-Video cable and was watching movies on my 36inch HDTV this weekend. Yeah just plugged it into my powerbook and VOILA instant media center

    Also I own tivo with an original lifetime membership so I don't need another item that does half the things my Tivo does.

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