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pkx 03-21-2007 01:14 PM

newertech high capacity battery for G4 iBook
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Things I wish I would have known about this battery before buying it.

Product description from invoice: Newer Technology NuPower Battery 74 Watt-Hour High Capacity for all Apple iBook G3/G4 Models 14"
Purchased from Other World Computing (OWC) for $138 including shipping in February 2007.

First thing to note is that the battery is a soft grayish color and does not match the iBook case (which as everybody knows, is white). Also, the fit isn't good. I have attached three pictures.

I followed all directions and performed all the recommended resets (PMU and nvram). Still I experienced the following problems (I am quoting the answers I got from OWC's support):

1. The battery only loads up to 85% capacity. If anything it seems to be going down as the load-cycles continue. OWC's answer: "On higher capacity batteries the system software may not always show the true capacity of the battery." I should add that the time left indication is also highly inaccurate.

2. Most times the computer suddenly shuts down when the battery is low, without any warning or a prompt to save unsaved documents (as the Apple battery did). Only occasionally will it go to sleep in a more civilized manner. OWC's technical support answer: "It is normal for the unit to power off when the battery is depleted. Apple batteries use a special "Apple" only circuit to put the unit to sleep."

Having known these facts I would probably have opted for the Apple battery. It would have cost much less, look good, warn before quitting and report its capacity accurately.

Chitown1 04-06-2007 09:29 AM

I have made several purchases from OWC and the only time I ever had a issue, it was resolved quickly and to my complete satisfaction, the item was replaced with a new unit and the response was fantastic.

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