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    I'm new to Macs. I have a beige G3 desktop, rev 3, was 266 now has a Sonnet Encore Zif G4 500 upgrade card installed along with 768meg of ram and a 40 gig maxtor drive.
    I have a Formac Proformance 80 pci graphics card installed, which came out of a powermac 8600/250, in which it worked perfectly. It worked ok on the G3 using OS9.2. with the original 266 processor and the Encore G4.
    I have installed OSX 10.2 and the graphics card will not not work. The OS knows it's there, but if I plug a monitor in nothing shows. (VGA monitor).
    Using the built in graphics chip I am limited to 800 x 600 screen resolution.
    2 questions.
    How can I get the Formac card to work. I can't find any drivers for it and those that came with it don't work in OSX. All I can find is drivers for proFormance 3 cards. The 80 seems to have been deleted from history.
    Or how can I increase the screen resolution with the built in graphics chip. There are no alternative resolutions listed in the display properties.
    Thanks for any help.

    More information.
    I should add that the card was not in the machine when I installed OSX. Coming from Windows I expected the OS to recognize and install any new hardware on re boot. Is this right?

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    Have just seen your post from last year. I also have a Formac Proformance 80 pci graphics card (ROM says "GA5" - PART NO: PNGA 50-3) and I have not been able to find any driver information, whether for OS9 or 0SX.

    Totally agree that the 80 seems to have been deleted from history. I was hoping to use it with Panther on a G4. Does anyone know if this PCI card is automatically recognised by the software?

    kay_mac :confused:

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    Good luck...

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    I think that card is a bit out of date

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