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    Thumbdrive - OCZ problem
    Hi, I have a OCZ Rally 1GB thumbdrive.

    Mount Point : /Volumes/OCZ
    Capacity : 1,000.0 MB (1,048,543,744 Bytes)
    Format : MS-DOS File System (FAT32)
    Available : 998.0 MB (1,046,450,176 Bytes)
    Owners Enabled : No Used : 28.0 KB (28,672 Bytes)
    Number of Folders : 0 Number of Files : 0

    I can't write to it. I'm on OSX 4.8. I was able to before, but I had changed some stuff on my mac (like turned on firewall, though that shouldn't affect it).

    I get this error:

    In the ownership, it says that I CAN read and write to the drive.

    One thing I think that messed it up was that it was doing a secure erase, and I had taken it out before it finished... I tried to do a quick erase, nothing happened... any ideas?

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    The pdf file mentioned in the error message seems to be in use by something. Try logging out and back in or rebooting and try again (to release the lock on the file).

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