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    Access point recommendations
    Hello, this is my first post to the forum.
    I have a white macbook with 2GHz CPU and 1GB ram.
    I want to buy an access point for my house and i want to ask if the
    If not what do you suggest?
    And a last question: Are there any compatibility problems with a mac and an access point? I mean will i be able to secure my wireless network with my my mac or this is an extra software that will probably run on windows?

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    Hello, I just picked up a wireless N Airport extreme base station. The setup was very easy, coverage seems to be much better then the Linksys Wireless I had prior. The price is a bit more, but it also has a usb port in the Airport that allows any USB device to be plugged into and shared. Security can be set to WPA2 so anyone attemting will need a key to get onto it.

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